Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Springtime Fun

Ok-It's been FOREVER since I've posted on here! Oops! In an effort to get updated, I'm going to try to post quite a bit in the next few days...

Here are some pics from the Royals v. Rangers series here in Arlington back in April. I attended with some of my Chiefs tailgate friends, as well as a few friends from work.

Here Randle (Lawrence) and Huck (Andrew) are cheering on the Rangers and we are trying to decide on the better team. The Royals won, sorry guys!

Gavin, Megan's nephew. As always, he is decked out in his KC finest.

Megan and Crystal. We had really great seats and even got David DeJesus' attention in the outfield!

Yes, we brought the Chiefs tent to the tailgate. It hadn't been out in a few months and I guess Robb thought it made a good statement in the Rangers parking lot. It worked.