Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to School

I put my name on my Word Wall...I have to remind them that my name isn't just "Miss."

I can't believe that it's already the fifth week of school! Time certainly flies when you're ridiculously busy. Here's a little taste of everything I've been up to so far... Grammar is my life right now. Subjects and verbs and apostrophes, OH MY!! I also coach cheerleading and am enjoying it so much. The girls are very dramatic--normal young teens, of course! I get phone calls at all times of the evening from them asking what to wear to the next game or what to bring to practice. They are a handful, but it's a lot of fun!
On top of grading papers written in "Spanglish" and coaching cheerleading, I also am part of the Campus Improvement Committee at my school. We basically meet with the principal to make important decisions regarding fundraising, new ideas, parent involvement, etc. It's a really great resume builder and I'm learning a lot about the way the school disctrict and school interact.
More to come soon...I'm off to correct more essays.

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"The Verhulsts" said...

Ha. Spanglish. Was that a good movie? Glad to see you finally came up with something:) Love ya and hope things are well!