Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I work in Irving, TX. Not the ritziest place, but not too shabby either. I don't ever feel unsafe at work and don't freak out over my students being little wanna-be thugs or gang bangers. Sure, it's a much different culture than I'm used to since most of my kids speak Spanish at home. No big deal, right?

Apparently I work in an inner-city school and didn't know it... I was completely unprepared today at work when my vice principal and campus police officer came into my room for a random drug search. They made all the kids empty their pockets and even had a metal detector wand! What struck me as so hilarious was that the kids seemed to like having to spread their legs and have the wand waved up and down them to see if it beeped. The fact that this was entertainment to them and not really freaky did disturb me slightly. The fact that it was no big deal to them also says a lot! So does this mean that I officially work in the ghetto?

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