Monday, December 1, 2008

It's About Time

Okay, it may not be worth celebrating for some, but I was really happy when the Chiefs FINALLY won a game this week! Talk about long overdue... These are highlights of this week's tailgate at Wizard's and the mood was definitely uplifted, as one might imagine!

Megan and I are trying to stay warm. This week it finally got cold outside in Dallas!

We tailgate in true KC style--with Gates ribs and everything! Who knew there were such loyal Missourians and Kansans in Texas? Ha! Here my friends Anthony and Robb show off the fare of the day. It was so good!

This is Gavin, the youngest fan that comes every week. He loves to say, "Go Chiefs!"
Celebrating a victory!!! As you can tell, everyone is very animated and excited. My tailgate friends are an interesting bunch. Everyone has been in Texas for various lengths of time, but we all love KC still! More to come soon...

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