Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Party

Last week at school, the Language Arts department hosted a Twilight Movie party to get the kids excited about the upcoming release of the movie. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has been an absolute phenomenon on our campus at CMS. I saw my students reading the books and never really gave them much thought. I'd ask what they were about- vampires and werewolves-and think there's no way I'll be interested. I finally decided to read the first book and was instantly hooked! If you haven't read the 4-book series, it is a must-read!
Our party was held in our Library by the wonderful Librarian, Ms. Cartwright. The kids had several stations that they rotated among to get a taste of vampire life.
Here the kids compete against each other to answer questions correctly about the series for prizes!
The "Blood Thirsty" station was my personal favorite. It was the snack station that featured my red velvet "Vampire Kiss" cupcakes with black icing. The icing stained the kids' mouths, but that didn't stop them from coming back for seconds. (I want to feature these cupcakes in my future bakery someday...)

Here Melissa and Erika make tissue paper corsages to represent the prom corsage that Edward gives Bella in the first book.

The party was a huge success and I'm sure we'll host another when New Moon comes out in theaters. I can't wait!


SB said...

ahhh!! i wish i could have come!!!

"The Verhulsts" said...

Love it!