Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Festival!

Our school's annual Fall Festival was tonight. Each hallway had a different theme and all the teachers and students wore costumes. My team's hall was the Spooky Sports hall, so all of us wore athletic uniforms. As if today weren't crazy enough at school, we were allowed to dress up all day today. I literally spent the past 14 hours dressed as a middle school football player! Like my students are really going to concentrate on adverbs when I'm in shoulder pads and look ridiculous! Ha! Here, the blind ref, rival football players, soccer player, and nerdy commentator get my classroom ready for all the fun.

These are the vice principals of my school... this picture sums it up! They definitely have a good time at CMS.

Sarah and I as rival football players. We are also supposed to be "spooky" so we have fake injuries and black eyes.

My room hosted the Spooky Soccer Kick. After my "terrible" play, I am interviewed by the nerdy commentator and ref a.k.a. football coaches Andrew and Mac. They helped me put the uniform together and made fun of me that I could wear a 7th grader's uniform!

Sarna had scooter races in his classroom. This was a hit with the kids, and he's all decked out for the racing action.
My friend, Jamie, who is the new band teacher this year. Her team's hallway was western. Cute!

In my room posing with the inflatable goal post! This is coming with me to the Chiefs game this weekend!
My fellow team-mates from L to R: Andrew (History), Sarah (Math), Sarna (Math), Carolyn (PE), Maria (Science), and Edna (Reading). We are definitely ready to go home after such a long day. It amazes me how much time we put into planning an event, and then it's over so quickly. More to come soon, but it may be a few days before I'm rested!

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