Sunday, October 19, 2008

Space Monkey Band

My friend Jessica's husband has a wonderful cover band called Space Monkey. (Don't ask, I don't know where the name came from!) They perform all over the DFW metroplex a few times a month, and are so much fun to see. Here me, Ariana and Jess are posing during a break in the set at Pour House in Ft. Worth.

The shows are really a family affair for Jessica and her husband AJ. He is the drummer in the band (at the far right) and his parents usually show up to see them play. His mom decided to take a picture with the group. She's so sweet!

This picture cracks me up! After we took it, I noticed that AJ's mom was in the background smiling away.
Ariana and her hubby, Sean, enjoying the music.

Jess and I went to see Space Monkey a few weeks ago at UNT in Denton for Friday nights at Clark Park. It's a mini-pep rally that the campus hosts before Saturday games. Since my college campus was so small, it was nice to see what bigger campuses do before their football games!

No, these aren't aliens. UNT's color is green, and everyone had glow sticks. I laughed when I saw how this picture turned out, but it's kind of cool.

Space Monkey performing on the stage at UNT.

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