Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little Taste of Home

I've discovered a really fun Sunday activity. There is an actual group of people in Dallas called the Chiefs Fans of DFW that meet together every game day to watch the game. A co-worker invited me, and I was expecting a few die hard fans sitting around watching a little tv in the corner since most people in Dallas are extreme Cowboys fans. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw when Megan and I got to the game.

Yes, I am really excited that there are LOTS of chiefs fans that live in the area and watch them loyally every week. Even when they play terribly. What was most exciting wasn't the fact that we were actually watching a football game, but that it felt a lot like home. There were well over 30 people grilling and tailgaiting in the parking lot of Wizard's, all of them decked out in their KC finest. It was actually really nice to see after months of being away.

This was one of the first things I saw when I pulled up, and it made me miss home so much!

Some of the fans discussing how bad of a coach Herm Edwards is, and how badly the Chiefs lost! It was put to a vote and I am officially invited back next week for some more Kansas City Chiefs fun with the whole gang. I'm looking forward to it and am so glad there are others who have relocated and are keeping some KC traditions going!

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SB said...

I want to go sometime!!! Maybe we could bedazzle some chiefs gear. ;-)